Bespoke bookcases
in London

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Fancy a floor-to-ceiling bookcase in your home office? Or perhaps a made-to-measure bookcase for stylish living-room storage? Our bespoke bookcases in London can come in many different shapes and styles, and if you have one designed and built for you, you can mix together everything you love from the high street to make it your very own.

That’s where we come in. We will help you design and make your perfect bookcase, complete with as much storage as you need. We will make sure it complements your space perfectly and will fit into any office, living room, bedroom, or any other part of the house, as if it was just meant to be there.

Why choose
fitted bookcases in London?

Don’t like the idea of a rickety, wobbly bookcase? We don’t either. Our furniture is perfect for the discerning homeowner, who is concerned with aesthetics and practicality. Standard bookcases can be difficult to fit into a home and might not be what you are looking for, especially if you need to build in more clever storage.

This is why we love fitted, bespoke bookcases:

  • Everything is made to measure.
    All furniture fits perfectly and looks like it really belongs. No space is too small or too large to furnish beautifully.
  • Clever storage options.
    If you want a floor-to-ceiling bookcase or shelves built to fit a small or awkward space, that’s not a problem.
  • Choose your finish.
    Select the colour you would like for your furniture. If needed, we can even colour match it to existing furniture.

Why choose Form Creations
for made-to-measure bookcases in London?

  • Online quotation form.
    Give us as many details as you can and we will contact you with an estimate for your furniture.
  • Custom designs for you.
    Our skilled designers come up with furniture ideas and draw out plans to show you the details.
  • Quality furniture.
    We use high-quality material and make everything ourselves before it passes through strict quality controls.
  • Easy installation.
    All bookcases are built in our workshop then assembled on site, minimising the time we spend in your home.

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Our workshop is based at  20-24 King’s Bench Street, London SE1 0QX.

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